Albergo a Treviso, costruzione 17° secolo, villa di lusso

Primavera del prosecco

Primavera del prosecco.
The Show of the wine

Time of enchantments and suggestions, of fragrances and delights. Time of love affairs;of glances and flavours; of awakenings and joy.
Spring is the "magic" time of Prosecco, when the sweet and tonic hills of this last strip of land in the north of the "gioiosa et amorosa" Marca Trevigiana, are filled with the colours, perfumes and flavours of the wines of the last vintage.

The people from here have chosen the spring to celebrate every year the "feast of wine". The vernal exhibitions, which from village to village, from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, mark the "formal" presentation to the public of the last vintage wines, offer the extraordinary and precious fruits of this land and of the secular and laborious oenological knowledge of its vine-dressers.It is the time of rejoicing, of meeting, of exchange; of the village collective life around "its" exhibition, but even around the entire territory, in which the wine exhibitions are an unmistakable and characteristic mark.

The vernal wine exhibitions are an alluring chance to get acquainted with and appreciate the Altamarca wines (not only the well-known Prosecco and Cartizze Doc, but also many other little- big jewels of the local oenology like the Refrontolo Passito Doc, Torchiato, Colli di Conegliano and Verdiso).

They also are a nice and stimulating opportunity to meet the unexpected magic enchantments of a land that spring makes even more rich in charm, recalls and atmospheres.

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