Albergo a Treviso, costruzione 17° secolo, villa di lusso



A special and intimate place where people meet and discuss surrounded by a taste for beauty. A small lounge space in which to relax with the best gourmet cuisine. Two opposing but complementary colours within which they develop in harmony all the architectural places of the Villa : the refinement of the black accentuated by the heat of a Titian red, intense and expressive, on the walls. Elegant and intimate atmosphere, soft lighting lamps signed by international designers, trendy and stylish glasses are sitting, waiting to be filled with popular labels : these are the features that make unique the Rouge et Noir Espace, recently restored and converted from a nightclub.
The guests will be welcomed in the comfortable and pleasant lounge while they are  sipping a refreshing cocktail or smoking a particular cigar, they will have the opportunity to hear the remarkable musical selections of Midnightjazz during their intense conversations.
On request you can also rent the space to organize exclusive private parties or elegant lunches. The Espace will be then customized according to customer tastes, always guided by the sensivity of the staff of Villa Abbazia.