Albergo a Treviso, costruzione 17° secolo, villa di lusso


The true venetian food experience

There is perhaps no better way of experiencing a country's history than through its food. With its blessed climate, L'Osteria La Cantinetta offers a perfect setting for a real Venetian  food and wine experience.Created around local ingredients and high quality organically grown products a tempting assortment of home made culinary delights is produced by the Chef and his team. From pasta to bread to pastries, everything is rigorously home made.Delight in our signature dishes, while being looked after by the attentive staff. You can enjoy your meal.

Visit to the production zone: dining in the land of Prosecco DOCG

The inhabitants of the band of hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene have, in spite of the passage of time, managed to retain the best of their gastronomic traditions, so that we too can enjoy the aromas and tastes of a legacy of local specialities left by past generations. There are still some who consider this 'poor-man's fare', as it is made with basic local ingredients, but in truth, this is splendid 'niche' cuisine, far removed from the corruption of modernity, which expresses the country folk's accumulated wisdom in creating both dietary and gustative balance. Here, culinary traditon has ancient roots. Wild game has always been cooked on the spit, oven roasted or cooked into delicous succulent stews accompanied by steaming 'polenta' (traditional Italian dish made from corn meal). To further enrich the tables of autumn and winter, there is a rich range of woodland mushrooms: the 'royal agaric', the 'porcino', the 'chiodino' or 'honey mushroom', various members of the 'Chanterelle' family and others.
These mushrooms are used to prepare a wide variety of popular dishes, rich in taste and only to be found in this area. The chestnuts of these parts have also been rediscovered and are used to make goose stuffing for end-of year feasts and, combined with these mushrooms, to make moulded custards and soups of great gastronomic interest.
Spring welcomes back to the table dishes calling for handfuls of the herbs growing wild in the fields and woods. These are used to make hot soups, both fortifying and cleansing, delicious spring risottos which are the pride of Trevisian cooking, delicate 'tortelli' (kind of fritters) to serve at Lent, sunny omelettes and numerous other local dishes. Not to go unmentioned, is the local pork, used to make inimitable sausages, and a range of cheeses bearing very particular names, from the 'Bastardo' to the 'Morlacco' from the mountain huts of the Alps, from the 'Casatella' to the 'Caciotta', from the 'Montasio' to the 'Pressato'.
Here, simple traditional dishes are the order of the day; the bread is baked in wood ovens and 'polenta' is still the 'queen' of the table. While exploring the various routes that lead from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, you may note the pleasant aromas of home-cooking wafting through the air. These mouth-watering smells also permeate the old out-of-the-way trattorias, the modern restaurants cited in all the guide books and the inns and taverns where together with a glass of fine Prosecco DOCG,  Conegliano valdobbiadene prosecco superiore one can sample dishes that are simple, but representative of the hospitality of these places, fortunately still filled with that welcoming human touch.
Wherever you stop off to taste any of the many gastronomic offerings from this ancient tradition, you should always start with a glass of sparkling and festive  Prosecco ODCG: Conegliano valdobbiadene prosecco superiore to heighten your enjoyment of a cuisine which is among the richest and most flavourful in our beloved Veneto.