Albergo a Treviso, costruzione 17° secolo, villa di lusso


A high quality antique shop which stores the unique artefacts form the Villa itself.  Objects of value which the guest can purchase to preserve the memory of such an unforgettable visit.

How could one take away a tangible souvenir of such a memorable visit?  Reliving the pleasant experience of your visit to the Villa Abbazia may not be as far away as you may imagine. Infact, the guest can have that very opportunity, courtesy of the hotel's own La Volta Antique shop, where objects of some considerable antique value, pertaining particularly to the furnishings of the hotel, are displayed and sold.  The shop is indeed a new way for guests of the Villa to become regular clients and thus strengthen the tie between the hotel and its guests. The atmosphere of the shop is cosy and intimate, full of charm and pleasant surprises: sugar bowls, cups and teapots in floral design china or in the shades of blue and white that are so typical of the porcelain of Spode, name settings in the form of cats and dogs, porcelain placemats decorated with toucans, roses, or leaves in 'jungle' style, even down to the fine dining linen of the breakfast room.

The La Volta shop offers the chance to purchase, closely advised by knowledgeable and helpful staff, items such as elegant vases by and Moretti, Seguso Venini, blown glass ornamental vines, Christmas baubles by Murano, glass and silverware, trays and cutlery in silver plated alpaca, all of which have come from the cruise ships of the last century. There are Rigaud scented candles, Floris perfumes, Aromatique pot pourri and beautiful silk flowers from Jesurum.

The choice to include artefacts not only of antique value, but also other tasteful gift items in the shop collection, was the express wish of the owners, whose first love is really the antique trade. This wish derives exclusively from a genuine love of the unusual and diverse, such that a stay at the hotel Villa Abbazia will always be extra special.