Albergo a Treviso, costruzione 17° secolo, villa di lusso



A journey that highlights one of the favourite passions of women who devote their time to shopping, you have the opportunity to alternate sightseeing trips and gourmet evenings.
We will provide you all our addresses to find secret stores or unique shops....the chance to make unforgettable your stay research.

Our journey will begin as always from the hotel and we will visit La Volta and then to go trough our region and finish once again within the walls of Villa Abbazia for a visit to the Caffè Progresso where you can buy the typical land culinary delights.

The shop La Volta, next to the Hotel Abbazia, offers for sale, alongside a variety of pieces of antiques, the passion of the owners : a multitude of objects from the hotel, whose guests often fall in love so much that they want to take home. Sugar bowls, cups and teapots with ceramic floral designs or colors of white and blue ..each one is so different.

In a small room and overcrowded, however, that communicates joy and grace of yesterday, wherever your eye is positioned it discovers a surprise.
An extremely wide range of prices for everybody's budget. So people who buy once here often returns.