Albergo a Treviso, costruzione 17° secolo, villa di lusso

Along the Prosecco Wine Road the Luxury redefined

...dedicated exclusive hospitality, reserved to those who can appreciate the pleasure of a luxury that has indeed become rare.

This 17th century palazzo and the annex venetian villa  reveals its charms in a discrete manner which will capture your heart as soon as you see it. Tranquil and intimate, the Villa Abbazia has another ace up its sleeve: a unique location at the crossroads of numerous treasures. At the juncture of the rose-coloured stone of the Dolomites, the Prosecco route, the Venetian Villas of Palladio and the romantic splendours of Treviso and Venice, there's only one thing wrong with this residence: your choices are too vast. For golfers, the 18-hole course in Asolo - christened "the town of one hundred horizons" - will merely make this dilemma even more difficult…

A journey through the land of Palladio, Giorgione and Titian, through enchanting mountains and vine carpeted valleys, to some of Italy's most romantic cities.
Until recently, when one thought of Veneto, one thought immediately, if not almost exclusively, of Venice, partly due to the fact that, for over eleven hundred years, Veneto was an integral part of the Serenissima's territory. Today, Veneto has established its own distinct identity and offers hospitality to numerous visitors eager to explore the many treasures of the region; from the majestic Dolomiti Mountains over which Cortina d'Ampezzo reigns supreme, to the elegant Palladian villas of Vicenza. Then there is Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, and home to the imposing Arena, where both important classical concerts and modern music events are performed. Veneto also boasts other splendid cities such as Treviso, Padova, Chioggia, as well as the magnificent Po delta 


Interesting point:
Venice, Padova, Palladian Villas,  Cortina, Dolomites,Feltre
Feltre: Granfondo Sportful ( granfondo Campagnolo )
Treviso: Exhibitions , Lapinarello Classic Marathon
Valdobbiadene: La Prosecco Cycling  Classic ( Granfondo prosecco )
Conegliano:Exhibition and Cima
Possagno: Canova
Castelfranco: Giorgione
Asolo: Robert Browing  Freya Stark
Bassano del Grappa Marostica Vicenza

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